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Years ago,  handicapping a harness race was difficult for many reasons.

For starters,  Past Performance Programs displayed only a minimum amount of information.    A handicapper may have studied the program for hours,  not really calculating data,  but simply looking for a reason to select one horse over the other.   Since Past Performance Programs were only available on the morning of the race.   Only a few handicappers were able to do their  'homework'.   On many occasions,  bettors were influenced by the Morning Line.   Unfortunately some still are!

Today,  there is a tremendous amount of data availabe to the bettor.   As a result,  one might presume handicapping a harness race to be much easier.    Ironically,  handicapping today is more difficult.   Although bettors have easy access to Past Performance data downloaded from the internet,  it is of little value unless you are willing to spend hours analyzing the never ending statistics.   There are final times,  quarter times,  speed ratings,  track variables,  temperatures,   endurance factors,  drivers,  trainers etc.    This is overwhelming for even the most seasoned veteran.

On the brighter side,   there is a solution.   SOFTWARE.   You must fight fire with fire.   The only way to survive in this wonderful age of electronics,  is to use electronics.    Software has a tremendous advantage over manual handicapping methods.   Mainly speed and accuracy.   More importantly,   software allows you to handicap without predjudice.    By "without predjudice"  I mean the ability of a horse cannot be influenced by either the driver,  the Morning Line,  or the Actual Odds,  Earnings,   etc...   Static values are assigned to each entry for targeted data items found within the selected Pace Line.

To accurately analyze all of the available data manually is virtually impossible.   As a result,  you may again be influenced by the consensus.   Consequently,  hitting long shots may be few and far between.

Another factor that determines success is the betting factor.    You can be a great handicapper,  but if you don't know how to bet or what to bet,   it is extremely difficult to be successful.    Most bettors don't have the time to maintain a "Betting Profile" that demonstrates how they would fair betting several different types of Exactas,  Trifectas and Superfectas.    Although Exotic Betting has made horse racing much different and more exciting,  it takes more of your time to determine which betting combination best suites your handicapping style.

Perfect Trip can do it all.    Handicapping,  Pace Line selection,  and Betting Profile in a matter of seconds!

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